FCA TechDay 2019

FCA TechDay 2019

For almost twenty years we have been a partner of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), but the recent changes, the improvements and the changes in Baomarc have given a new face and new possibilities of development to the relationship. 

That is why we decided to organize an event, on May 9, 2019, at the Mirafiori MotorVillage (Turin), to give a full account of the Baosteel group, our products and the horizons towards which we are moving. TechDay Ready to start the future – this was the name of the event – had as its goal the sharing of views with FCA on the tendencies within the auto industry – in particular the transition to electric vehicles –  and on the high technological potential of the Baosteel Group. 


A full day which saw on the speakers’ platform, amongst others,: Rao Yuyong, Managing Director of Baosteel Europe GmbH; Andrea Mazzesi, CEO of the Baomarc Group; Xu Shilong, Baosteel Europe Technical Service Center. Each of the speakers described the group and their visions for the future of FCA and Baosteel, contributing to a morning session full of thought-provoking ideas for all participants.

In the afternoon the debate shifted to the exhibition stands where our most recent products were on show, allowing hands-on perception of the Group’s potential and demonstrating how our new production methods support technological change and the transition to electric.

After so many years working together, this was a great occasion to strengthen our partnership and to show off the technologies which we want to share, placing them at the service of FCA.



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