The Company

Why Baomarc

Our history

From a family business to a multinational company, our history starts more than 40 years ago with the handcraft-based business of the founder and continues today with Baosteel and Baowu. 

The know-how

For years Emarc designed and produced machinery for the automotive industry and then, using own equipment,  added a major position in the production of components for the auto manufacturers. 


The largest steel producer in the world, Baosteel researches and develops state-of-the-art materials with high performance and mechanical characteristics.



The turnkey solution

The perfect union of great engineering capabilities and top-quality materials to offer customers high profile solutions which optimize production lines. 

Our network

the operations center

The heart of development activity is at Chivasso (Torino) where the design of the products and  of the manufacturing process for the project is elaborated. On the basis of this work, existing machinery and equipment is converted and new machinery is built.

Constant dialogue between headquarters and the locations round the world ensures that the customer is guaranteed internal and vertical management of all processes, with quality under continuous control. 


Staff at Chivasso are responsible for training and updating selected personnel at the other locations, ensuring that the entire Baomarc group is always well-informed about new machinery and new production techniques.

Proud of our achievements

Our most recent awards

Apart from being a source of pride, the recognitions we have received are for us a stimulus to improve continuously and move our boundaries further ahead.

China Award 2019

We were recognized by the Fondazione Italia Cina as “Top Investors in Italy” thanks to the far-sightedness of Baosteel as they invested in the ability and quality of EMARC to create Baomarc.

eMove360° Award 2019

Together with EDAG and Siemens we received the 2019 eMove360° Award thanks to the “SCALEbat” project which produced “SCALEbase”, a battery case which can be adapted for any type of vehicle.

Driving us in all the challenges which we take on is the desire to build a cohesive group

The team is constantly at work to consolidate its steadily expanding ability to study and develop solutions for each specific customer requirement. 

Our customers

We work with the world’s main auto manufacturers to design and make the vehicles of tomorrow.