Regard for the rules

Certification and control

Today the emphasis is on optimizing the supply chain and for this reason enterprises which work together undertake to ensure compliance with the applicable environmental regulations. That is why we not only select partners with high environmental standards but are also the first to commit ourselves to a greener management of our processes.


Each of our plants has ISO 14001 certification and undergoes annual audit of its compliance with the related standards.


Further, in each of  the countries in which our plants are located, we comply with all the local applicable norms thanks to the internal oversight bodies which periodically verify the adoption of the rules.


More digital processes

From traceability to the purchase request, to internal communications: less paper and more digital documents.

Commercial relations with low environmental impact

Selection of suppliers and partners based on green policies, to create value without impact on the environment.

Optimizing waste management

The sorting of waste in every department and for all types of waste, ensuring that new life is given to recyclable materials.

In step with the times

More digital processes

In managing production processes and procurement we have implemented systems to reduce our environmental impact: the traceability systems use small labels with barcodes with which it is possible to get back to all the digital documentation relating to the products; the management of purchase requests is digital avoiding the waste of paper and using electronic signature. 


Further, we are building a paperless system for internal materials requisitions using radiofrequency devices which notify users of the request. 

Did you know that at our new Atessa plant we have as many as 149 trees ?

Mindful of our choices

Relationships with low environmental impact

We choose enterprises to work with which, like us, respect environmental regulations and have high level certification, constantly paying attention to the environment. 


Purchase requests are exchanged by e-mail and managed in the system with electronic signatures, significantly limiting the waste of paper and being more accessible both for the customer and for us. 

Also for management, meetings will be held digitally and the minutes will be shared digitally with printing no longer required. 


Further, for transport, actions are being taken to reduce and optimize inward transport flows and rationalize the supply chain. We use a single transporter connecting the three Italian plants, optimizing trips so that there are no empty runs.


We avoid waste

Optimal management of waste

As well sorting waste in all departments, we also manage the scrap from production processes.


Refuse is sorted and each item is assigned a code which indicates the type of substance and the correct method of disposal. The movement of each item is traced until final disposal which is handled by specialist businesses selected by us, taking account of their certifications and of the environmental policies they have adopted.


When possible, metallic scrap that is residual for us is purchased by other companies which can use it in their own production processes. 


To limit the quantity of scrap from production processes we update machinery and build new machines which optimize usage of foils of raw materials and which consume less grease and oil (difficult materials to dispose of).


The Baomarc team

Our foremost commitment and main goal is to make sure everyone is involved and informed; we know that the growth of the individual is the growth of the team.

“Our vertical knowhow enables us always to be competitive in the automotive market with tailor-made solutions, designed together with our customers.

Andrea Mazzesi CEO

“I always have an eye to the future as a means of improving the present. My goal is to increase the quality of work performed by proposing state of the art solutions..”

Elena Prepelita IT MANAGER

"Each day I strive to involve each of our people in a process of professional and ethical advancement so that together we attain the Company’s goals”.

Salvatore Del Core GHR

“I like to support our customers in all the phases of our business, placing attention to detail at the center.”

Walter Passone BDD

“I believe that training and professional development of the people involved in each phase of the manufacturing process are indispensable to safeguard the quality of our products.”


“In the team in which I work we work together every day to ensure that Baomarc’s quality standards are applied in every phase of the manufacturing process.”


    Baomarc responsibilities

    We have a constant commitment to maintaining a climate of cohesion within the company, to overseeing the quality of our products and to ensuring the safety of Baomarc personnel. 


    Respect for the individual, concentration on the future, attention to detail, these are the principles which have guided our actions and still guide them today.

    Quality and Traceability

    Operating to lean manufacturing principles, we exercise a variety of controls over all our processes and over raw materials.

    The Covid-19 emergency

    We have implemented a management and compliance system for anti-Covid measures which has made it possible to contain the spread of the virus.