The measures

Control and supervision

We have implemented a management and compliance system for anti-Covid measures which has made it possible to contain the spread of the virus at all the group’s locations both in Italy and in the other countries.

Thanks to the introduction of the control checklist, those responsible and their staff have carried out widespread checks on compliance with the measures relating to the handling of visitors, employees and those who move between locations. 

When a case of infection is identified, the company premises involved are immediately decontaminated, the contacts are identified, and distancing is established so as to avoid a sudden halt to activity.

The Check List

A list of all the norms in place, to facilitate the detailed verification of their correct application.

Oversight body

The managers responsible in each area, with the support of their staff, check the use of personal protection devices.

Handling visitors

We provide visitors with personal protection equipment and measure their temperature.


Emergency plan

To manage the health emergency we drew up an emergency plan linked to the protocol regulating the anti-Covid measures; the plan was signed by the employer and by the labor organizations.

The emergency plan requires each employee to wear adequate protective equipment, to disinfect hands with gel (placed at the ingress to buildings/spaces) and to maintain safety distancing from fellow workers.

And that’s not all: the use of common areas has been divided into shifts to avoid crowding; indications have been placed on the floor directing entry and exit for each room so as to limit contacts.

At the end of each day the areas are decontaminated.

The introduction and the observance of all the norms are supervised from the center of operations which has set guidelines for all the other plants. 

Are you thinking of coming to see us?

Download the documentation to bring with you, duly compiled and signed.

Baomarc’s responsibilities

We have a constant commitment to maintaining a climate of cohesion within the company, to overseeing the quality of our products and to ensuring the safety of Baomarc personnel. 


Respect for the individual, concentration on the future, attention to detail, these are the principles which have guided our actions and still guide them today.

Quality and Traceability

Operating to lean manufacturing principles, we exercise a variety of controls over all our processes and over raw materials.


We are committed to the low environmental impact of all our processes, reducing wastage and optimizing transport flows.