How we behave

Our Values

From a family run company we have transformed ourselves into a veritable multinational without losing sight of our values: respect for the individual, concentration on the future, attention to detail.

What makes Baomarc what it is today is its  great engineering capability. This would not exist without the workforce; people who are updated and trained on a daily basis and who apply their knowledge and skill in the service of the production chain to provide customers with products which are ever more innovative and efficient. 


Attention to the individual
Eyes on the future
Care for the details

A reality created by the many

Respect for the individual

A vital factor for Baomarc is to make each individual feel involved, part of a family and of a large reality which grows through the growth of its individual workers. 

That is why we invest in human values and in our corporate culture, training personnel, engaging new skill profiles and requalifying those present, to constantly raise the level of specialist expertise..

We also aim to create occasions for meeting and exchange for all our employees and their families, in recognition of each person’s contribution to the history and growth of Baomarc

The initiatives

Activities focused on community spirit: company dress; the end of year salute; recognition of seniority; plant visit open days….

Training and education

The Baomarc Academy: a program of training and education exclusively for employees, to develop ever more specific expertise. 


The Baomarc Team

Our foremost commitment and main goal is to make sure everyone is involved and informed,  fully aware that the growth of the individual is the growth of the team.

“Our vertical knowhow enables us always to be competitive in the automotive market with tailor-made solutions, designed together with our customers.

Andrea Mazzesi CEO

“I always have an eye to the future as a means of improving the present. My goal is to increase the quality of work performed by proposing state of the art solutions..”

Elena Prepelita IT MANAGER

"Each day I strive to involve each of our people in a process of professional and ethical advancement so that together we attain the Company’s goals”.

Salvatore Del Core GHR

“I like to support our customers in all the phases of our business, placing attention to detail at the center.”

Walter Passone BDD

“I believe that training and professional development of the people involved in each phase of the manufacturing process are indispensable to safeguard the quality of our products.”


“In the team in which I work we work together every day to ensure that Baomarc’s quality standards are applied in every phase of the manufacturing process.”


    Baomarc’s responsibilities

    We have a constant commitment to maintaining a climate of cohesion within the company, to overseeing the quality of our products and to ensuring the safety of Baomarc personnel. 

    Quality and Traceability

    Operating to lean manufacturing principles, we exercise a variety of controls over all our processes and over raw materials.


    We are committed to the low environmental impact of all our processes, reducing wastage and optimizing transport flows.

    The Covid-19 emergency

    We have implemented a management and compliance system for anti-Covid measures which has made it possible to contain the spread of the virus..