Quality from A to Z

Operating to lean manufacturing principles, we exercise a variety of controls over all our processes starting with the receipt of raw materials at the plant. 

From the product development phase to the completion of its manufacture, our team of quality engineers analyzes the possibilities and critical aspects of the various materials and production processes.


In this way we offer a project whose capabilities and possible problems areas are evident from the start so that we can act promptly and avoid subsequent extra costs.


The most modern machine we installed, in 2020, is the second of its kind in Italy; it has a mechanical arm with touch sensors and a portal arm which positions the product in a laser scanner. It is a programed and automated system, under the surveillance of an operator. 


Analyze and intervene

Checks at each phase

We carry out analysis – FMEA, GFMEA, DFMEA and Process FMEA – to verify and modify processes and production, making them more effective and progressively eliminating any critical aspects.

The materials

All material which enters one of our plants is subject to quality control, both on site and in external laboratories, as required; this is the first step in assuring the high quality which Baomarc provides to its customers.

The processes

The checking of processes is entrusted to the operators who are responsible for the starting and surveillance of the machines: they read the data collected by the machine and analyze it to assess the effectiveness of the process and of the machining of the product.

Certified quality

Our certifications

Baomarc is a company with IATF certification: each plant is subject to this certification which is verified every year by the certifying body.


The IATF establishes a standard of quality for the automotive world and we comply with it, to offer the optimal production chain.

Made-to-measure traceability

According to the circumstances, we offer various levels of traceability, by production batch, by production number and by serial number.  

Production batch

Tracing product by batch, we group them by the common information relating to production date or production cycle.

Production number

The more detailed level is that of the production number, which makes it possible to get back to a more restricted number of products collected under a particular code.

Serial number

Each product is assigned a serial number engraved with a QR code through which it is possible to get back to the production batch, the production number and the other information requested by the customer.

Identifying each product

Traceability: how it functions

Thanks to our quality control processes, we have data on the provenance and the production date and we can trace back to the supplier of the raw materials or components used to make the finished product.


Being able to gather so much information, we can provide customers with all the documentation they could need to carry out whatever checks they consider necessary. 


We have chosen to adopt a system of traceability based on labels, which allows us to identify exactly the package to which the customer is referring. 


Each product is assigned a serial number engraved with a QR code through which it is possible to get back to the production batch, the production number and the other information requested by the customer. 


Baomarc’s responsibilities

We have a constant commitment to maintaining a climate of cohesion within the company, to overseeing the quality of our products and to ensuring the safety of Baomarc personnel. 


Respect for the individual, concentration on the future, attention to detail, these are the principles which have guided our actions and still guide them today.


We are committed to the low environmental impact of all our processes, reducing wastage and optimizing transport flows.

The Covid-19 emergency

We have implemented a management and compliance system for anti-Covid measures which has made it possible to contain the spread of the virus..