Approach to the project

In Baomarc we offer our customers all the support they need to develop the product, whether it involves the supply of a manufacturing process starting from a project already designed (built2print) or of a project to be developed together (co-design).


With built2print, our task is to implement an existing project, in the first instance checking its feasibility and working with the customer if modifications are needed to be able to produce the component. Later we move on to the launch of production, checking quality at each step and each stage of working the raw material.


With co-design projects we accompany the customer in designing the component, carrying out immediately the internal checks between the various functions to confirm the feasibility of the solution developed. We also prepare virtual and physical tests on the product to ensure that it has the characteristics requested.

Our method

The development phase

Whatever approach is chosen, we mobilize all our knowledge and capabilities, including, if it is necessary, the design and development of new machines, to assure an outcome and a production line which are of high quality. 

Identifying a goal

Starting from the customer’s request, we develop a solution, assessing the feasibility and choosing the machinery needed to produce the component.

Choice of materials and of the corresponding production equipment

We offer solutions in both steel and aluminum so that the customer can select the solution which most closely meets its needs.


After checking the raw materials , we proceed to the machining and then finishing processes, checking quality at each step.

Our plus points

We are continuously searching for production methods which let us offer high quality with reduced investment by the customer: “space-frame” and the integrated production processes are the most important results of this research.

Designing a complete structure


Always state of the art and with an eye to the future , for some years our production has been centered on space-frame.

To avoid burdening the customer with the costs of holding stocks, we create and assemble all the parts of the chassis in our plants and we deliver it complete, ready for the next steps in vehicle assembly.

The idea dates to 2006 with the development of a new version of the Renault Master.

Combining different machining processes

Integrated processes

Desiring to adopt ever more efficient methods, with low investment costs and high quality characteristics we developed “integrated processes”.


Having a profound knowledge of the potential and characteristics of our machines we are able to place them in sequence, integrating one machining process with an another to obtain complex geometries.

With a simple change of tooling leaving the production line unchanged it is possible to produce different geometries without the need for stocking and with optimized production.


Case history

We address each project as a challenge and as a stimulus to find production methods and solutions which are ever more innovative and functional.

Renault Master

We created for Renault the under body frame of their commercial vehicle the Renault Master.

SCALEbat - Battery case

Battery case. A modular and scalable casing,created in collaboration with EDAG, Siemens and Cloos.

Coming soon

Another project is coming, another challenge that we want to tell you about


The latest innovations

Wanting to build a cohesive environment we create occasions for meeting and growing so that every person can feel themselves to be an integral part of the Baomarc family.

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