Our awards

The recognitions we have received are not just a source of pride but also a stimulus to
improve continuously and move our boundaries further ahead, seeking new areas in which
to test ourselves.

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eMove360° Awards 2019

eMove360° is a platform for Mobility 4.0 (electric, connected, autonomous) which publishes a magazine and organizes fairs, events  and conventions.


It also organizes each year an award to give recognition to enterprises which have distinguished themselves in mobility innovation, with projects of particular interest, bringing them to the attention of the press and of companies in the automotive sector companies at international level.


In 2019 we submitted the SCALEbat project, a modular and scalable battery case created with EDAG, Siemens e Carl Cloos Schweiß-technik..

The particular feature of this battery case is the concrete help to auto manufacturers and start-ups in developing flexible lay outs for their vehicles, encouraging the transition to electric mobility.

And not only that; it also opens the way to other areas of collaboration in the green revolution of the automotive sector.


For these reasons SCALEbat won the first prize in the “Battery & Powertrain” category, distinguishing itself from the other candidates as more innovative and promising.

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China Awards 2019

Every year Fondazione Italia Cina awards a prize to all the companies which have successfully utilized opportunities offered by the markets of the two countries, reinforcing the economic ties between the two. 


With this event the Fondazione aims to show the importance of internationalization for Italian and Chinese companies and the advantages not only economic but also cultural that this brings, creating a flow of goods, services and ideas between the east and the west.


We are proud to have been recognized with this prize as one of the “Top Investors in Italy”, a recognition which confirms and encourages the solid relationship between Baomarc and Baowu, so soon after the birth of the partnership. 


It is a concrete sign which feeds our desire to make the best use of the synergy which has been created and which, we are confident, will strengthen as we keep our eyes set on the future. 


The latest innovations

Wanting to build a cohesive environment we create occasions for meeting and growing so that every person can feel themselves to be an integral part of the Baomarc family.

SCT 2022

SCT 2022

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SCALEbat – Battery case

SCALEbat – Battery case

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Renault Master LCV

Renault Master LCV

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